5 Amazing Indian-Themed Slot Games

India is a country that has a vibrant culture with cultural music and colors. That is also evident in their slot games. Find out more by reading five of the most popular Indian-Themed Slot games on the market.

1. Bollywood Story

Bollywood Story provides the users with the classic slot game feel with a fresh Indian theme and design. The game features vibrant colors and a lot of opportunities to win big. Bonus rounds in the game can gift the user up to 30 free spins.

 Bollywood story is created by NetEnt, the story in the game that revolves around two characters. it boasts 5 reels and 25 pay lines for a great slot matrix.

The story is about forbidden love since their parents don’t want them to be together. The classic Bollywood story is expertly brought to life in the slots game. The game would be best suited for users who lean more towards traditional slot games.

You can also play without wagering real money. Try it out on any iPhone, tablet, iPad, or Android device. Furthermore, the game doesn’t require any additional software to run. It provides the same quality gaming regardless of the device.

2. Pearls Of India

Pearls of India revolves around Rich Wilde’s adventure deep into India’s heart to uncover different mysteries and exciting treasures. The game offers a lot of features in-game in exchange for the treasures found. Free Spins, bonus rewards, multipliers, and many more can help the user have a decent payout.

The players of this game would indeed have a zen experience in the game. The developers’ chosen design incorporates India’s stunning mountain regions and a relaxing backdrop.

The impressive visuals are also partnered with soothing music. It provides a delight for the senses every time the user plays on the app. In short, Pearls Of India is recognized as one of the more immersive slot machine games on the market.

The potential of the game to have good payouts is high with an RTP of 96.87%. It is compatible with any handheld device or computer. Furthermore, it also has a demo mode where players can test the gameplay without making a monetary deposit.

3. The Wonders Of Taj Mahal

The Wonders Of Taj Mahal is another Indian-themed slot machine game that captures the essence of Indian culture. The game revolves around one of the main wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal.

The famous mausoleum is visited by millions of tourists yearly.  The story behind the construction and architecture of the Taj Mahal is also incorporated in the gameplay.

The game is designed for users to set foot in the virtual world and be able to marvel at the structure unobstructed by other factors. The graphics, background music, and characters incorporated in the game might make it a better experience than the real thing.

The game has five reels, 50 pay lines, and thirteen symbols. The game is compatible with any mobile device and can be played for free. Users who want to join can be given great sign-in bonuses.

4. Cricket Star

Cricket Star provides a fast-paced experience for the user,  just like where the developers had based the game. Cricket is one of India’s most popular games, making this slot game have tremendous potential for growth. The design of the game displays familiar sights and sounds in a Cricket match. The symbols, sounds, keepers, batters, bowlers, etc.

The setting of the game is the Cricket World Cup. The slots offer over 240 ways to win, and each spin can cost from half a dollar to fifty dollars. Since the game provides many possibilities to win and a wide range of spin costs, it is suited for almost any user.

Whether or not they are new to slot games or not. Potential prizes lined up partnered with many bonus features make this fast-paced slot machine game a breath of fresh air.

5. 7 Chakras

Esoteric revolves around transforming the human consciousness. It includes a change in perspective, an additional skill set, and a different perception.

This “science” is what the theme of 7 Chakras represents. Chakras are energy, and there is seven present in humans that each do a specific function. The game features five reels and 49 pay lines, a periodic structure for slot machine games.

The game’s design and aesthetics are heavily eastern-influenced with the fonts and background music set to tap into the user’s different chakras. 7 Chakras have multiple benefits and bonuses for first-time and long-time users.

Anyone can have a sneak peek of the game via the demo mode, which does not require any deposit. It can also assess what kind of strategy should be deployed once the user wagers real money.

These are just five of many slot machine games based on Indian culture. Pretty soon, there will be a surge in games like this to provide a more competitive market.

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