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Bollywood Celebs Love Gambling and Teen Patti

The Indian film industry is one of the highest paying industry and hence it is not a secret that Bollywood actors are extremely rich. They spend these riches on enjoyment and luxury. One of the entertainment sources these Bollywood stars gravitate to is gambling. Card games including Poker and Rummy are the most famous amongst them. Both male and female movie stars are equally attracted to the thrill of gambling and its addition.

There are a lot of stars who are seen participating in casino games, Teen Patti – Best place to play Online Game and gambling parties. Some of these stars are regulars whereas some of them are occasional players. The Bollywood community hosts gambling parties on special occasions, and it is where most of the celebrities are seen. Some of these celebrities have special Patta or card parties during festivals and have dedicated spaces all stacked with tables and much more. Some celebrities go to the inaugurations



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