Amir Khan’s Brother Faissal Khan makes Shocking revelation: Karan Johar Insulted me, Family Gave Wrong Medication For a Year

Bollywood Actor and Superstar Amir Khan’s brother and most crushable actor back then  Faissal Khan made some shocking revelation on his interview with a news portal sharing about the insider and outsider story to the world, in his interview he said that he was looked down upon biggies in the industry, his mental health and how he was given the wrong medication for a year by his family. He came in limelight when he stated that he was being house arrested by his own brother and actor Amir khan.

Amir Khan's Brother Faissal Khan makes Shocking revelation
Amir Khan’s Brother Faissal Khan makes Shocking revelation

Recently in his interview with Bollywood Hungama, he mentioned about his mental health and revealed that he was forcefully given medicines for mental illness and kept under house arrest for a year.

He also talked about groupism and biasness in the Bollywood, he said this with his own example when Karan Johar insulted him, he said: “If your work flops, they don’t treat you well; they don’t even look at you and it has happened with me.” Karan insulted me when I was trying to talk to someone and trying to disconnect with the person I was talking to. So, a lot of such things have happened and even I have been through it.”

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