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Kangana’s Production house building sealed by BMC, it sticks ‘illegal construction’ notice outside her office

In shocking turns of events and tweets of Kangana Ranaut, her property that is Kangana Ranaut’s production house building has been sealed in Mumbai by BMC in Bandra’s Pali Hill. yesterday on twitter the actress shared a video where the BMC workers came up and Stick the illegal construction notice to her building. It has now been revealed that the actress has received a “stop work notice” for “illegal construction”. According to ABP News, BMC said that the actress’s office is not as per the plans submitted to the corporation.

Kangana's  Production house building sealed by BMC
Kangana’s Production house building sealed by BMC

According to notice, the Kangana wasn’t compliant with the Rule 354A of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The corporation has issued seven points to describe the violation. According to the news channel, the BMC said that the building hasn’t been constructed as per BMC’s set criteria. The pointers also say that the second floor was not been done in an authorized way. It also noted that the plan showed a toilet attached to a bedroom. However, the toilet is actually an area of ​​movement.

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