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Amit Tandon and wife Ruby cancel divorce proceedings, starts living together as a couple

Here’s a good news for all the fans of television actor Amit Tandon and wife Ruby as the couple cancel their divorce proceedings and starts living together.

Amit Tandon and wife Ruby cancel divorce proceedings

While talking to Spotboye, Amit confirmed the news and said, “We are now living as a couple, ek baar phir. We are living very much as husband and wife.”

Amit also informed that Ruby and he have cancelled the divorce proceedings. “We realised that we are better together as one unit rather than apart as two. We are also doing better in our respective work. My new song is coming up on Monday. Ruby is setting up a new place and will be back in full flow, soon.”

Amit Tandon and wife Ruby cancel divorce proceedings

The actor also reveals that their daughter Jiyana is the happiest at her parents’ decision. “Yes, our daughter is very happy,” said Amit, adding, “It’s all about happiness and peace at the end of the day, it’s all about realising mistakes.”

Amit further said that as kids it’s complicated to understand the situation and that he feels sorry for his daughter. “Can’t forget the day when Jiyana didn’t know where her mother is (Amit is referring to the period when Ruby was in jail in Dubai).  I  can gauge what she must have undergone, we adults at least vent it out.”

Amit was glad that the idea of giving their relationship a second chance succeeded, “A lot of parents are applying for a divorce, but we don’t subscribe to that school of thought which says ‘it’s okay to part ways if you have differences with your partner’. We  believed in saving the situation, we tried and we have succeeded.”

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Amit and Ruby have cut down on people who they thought weren’t serving them any good, “Also, we have let go off all the negative people and energy around us. We are in good space. Jiyana is also doing well. So, our circle has definitely become smaller. But at least we are not surrounded anymore by fake people.”

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