Ram Gopal Varma unveils his new film Coronavirus trailer, watch

The outbreak of Coronavirus has raised all the warning signs in the entire world. Amid all this, a number of Indian celebrities are under self-quarantine and they has been staying  indoors and strictly following self-isolation.

Coronavirus trailer

Amid all this, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who was trolled for saying that he tested positive for COVID-19, has now released the trailer of his Telugu film titled ‘Coronavirus’.

The trailer opens with the family watching TV, where it is being reported of rising cases of COVID-19. With one of the family members, the daughter in the family starts coughing and keeping unwell. Though other family members raise concern over it, the main lead who plays the father figure refuses to accept it, that she might have contracted this dreadful virus. Further asking his onscreen wife to give her home medication, only to leave the audience on a hook, with the actors being shocked after watching something on a mobile phone.

Ram Gopal Verma captioned the trailer post, “Here is the CORONAVIRUS film trailer..The story is set in a LOCKDOWN and it has been SHOT during LOCKDOWN  ..Wanted to prove no one can stop our work whether it’s GOD or CORONA @shreyaset”.

The film has been directed by Agasthya Manju and it stars Srikanth Iyengar in lead role.

Coronavirus trailer:

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