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Lok Sabha Polls 2019: Dharmendra campaigns for wife Hema Malini in Mathura

Bollywood actor Dharmendra has recently for his wife Hema Malini in Mathura in the Lok Sabha Polls 2019. Dharmendra appealed to voters to ensure the Bhartiya Janata Party candidate’s victory.

Dharmendra campaigns for wife Hema Malini

Addressing a public meeting in Sonkh town of Mathura district, Dharmendra also thanked the crowd for the “historical” victory of Malini in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

On persistent demands, he repeated his famous dialogues from “Sholay”. He called himself a farmer and appealed to local farmers to strengthen the BJP.

Dharmendra campaigns for wife Hema Malini

Raising the poll pitch in Mathura, where the BJP has won four out of six Lok Sabha elections since 1991, Dharmendra told the crowd: “Gao walon, (Hema ji ke liye) vote karnaNahi to kisi aas paas ki tanki pe chad jaunga aur wahan mausi ko pukarunga. Bahut mausiyan aa jayengi. (Dear villagers, please vote for Hema Malini ji. Else, I will climb on one of the tanks and give a shout out to Mausi ji. I am sure a lot of them will come).” 

Hema Malini was with him during meetings and at many interactions in Goverdhan area.

Dharmendra claimed that since his father was a farmer, apart from being a teacher, the actor had a first-hand experience of working in the fields.

“I have harvested crops, ploughed fields and cut fodder for animals. That’s why I understand the problems and hard work of farmers,” he added.

Dharmendra promised to return to the region after Hema Malini’s victory and have food at a farmer’s home.

Earlier, Hema Malini tweeted, “Today is also a special day for me! Dharamji is here in Mathura to campaign for a whole day on my behalf. The public is waiting eagerly to get a glimpse of him & listen to what he has to say! A photo taken in my house in Mathura just now before we leave for campaigning…”

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Mathura goes to polls in the third phase of the Lok Sabha election on April 18.

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