kangana’s Reaction on Rhea’s Comment of “Sushant being mentally ill”

Rhea Chakroborty on Thursday in an interview spoke about Sushant and her relationship and she revealed many shocking things which were awestruck for his fans and family as well. She mentioned about Sushant’s mental illness where she said that he was already suffering from depression and anxiety due which she was also very stressed. many celebrities and stars reacted on her statements and two of them were Sushants Ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande and Kangana Ranaut.

kangana Reacts on Rhea’s Comment of “Sushant being mentally ill”.

Kangana while reacting on the statements sad that all the claims by Rhea Chakroborty are fake and untrue. she dismissed all the allegations if Rhea Chakroborty on Sushant Singh Rajput about his mental health and depression.

she said in her twit that ” Fact #Sushant had no history of mental illness before dating Rhea last year, this mental illness plot point was introduced in a goth hotel post genius plot twist of air sickness on a trip to Europe, who is the lame script writer?” 

All the tweets of Kangana Ranaut are getting viral.

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