Rhea chakraborty on her comment “sorry babu” and why didn’t Rhea attended Sushant Singh Rajput’s Funeral

In Sushant Singh Rajputs Case, an eye witness who accompanied rhea to the mortuary room in Cooper Hospital said that after seeing Sushants  Body in the hospital Rhea uttered “sorry Babu” and kept her hand on his chest.

Rhea chakraborty on her comment “sorry babu

Now in an interview with India Today when rhea was about this, she said, “what else is one supposed to say when someone loses his life. “Yes, what else is someone supposed to say after someone has lost their life? I am sorry you have lost your life. I am sorry that your death has been made into a joke. I am sorry that your last memory is not of your good work, intelligence or your charity. That is also misconstrued. Aur kya bolenge? (What else would you say?” Rhea said.

when asked about how did she came to know about Sushant’s Demise she said ” on June 14, around 2 pm, she was with her brother in her room when her friend called her and said that there are rumours that this has happened and when Rhea was asked if she went to Sushant Singh Rajput’s place after his death, she nodded in disagreement. Thereafter, Rhea said that she completely broke down when she learnt of his demise.

Rhea chakraborty on her comment “sorry babu

and then asked about why didn’t she Attended Sushant who was his Boyfriend’s funeral she stated that “she didn’t go to the funeral because her industry friends told her that Sushant’s family wouldn’t want to see her at the funeral. Rhea said, “No, I didn’t go to his place. I broke down, I was completely shocked and mujhe samajh nahi aa raha tha aisa kaise ho sakta hai. Then, I was told that I was not included in the funeral list and that his family doesn’t want me there.” Adding, “I was ready to go to the funeral, but my industry friends told me not to go as his family doesn’t want me there. I would only be insulted and be asked to leave from there.”

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