Koena Mitra on her six-month jail term, says it’s a fraud case and I am being framed

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra has been sentenced to six months of jail over a cheque bounce case.

Koena Mitra on her six-month jail term

The case was registered against Koena in accordance with a complaint lodged by model Poonam Sethi in 2013. Following this, Koena was asked to pay Rs 4.64 lakh, of which Rs 1.64 lakh was interest component, to complainant Sethi.

As per the model Poonam Sethi’s complaint, Koena had taken a loan of Rs. 22 lakhs from her. During the time of repayment, the actress had offered a cheque of three lakh rupees. It is said to have bounced due to insufficient funds in her account.

Koena Mitra on her six-month jail term

Well now, Koena reacts on the matter and says she has been framed, adding that she will challenge the order in a higher court.

“It is a court matter, so obviously we will go to the higher court to challenge the order. The higher court will give us an order (and) only then can we talk about it. Right now, I don’t have anything to say except that it’s a fraud case and I am being framed,” Koena told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

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Koena said that her lawyer wasn’t present in the court during the final argument, so the order was passed without her side of the argument being presented. She added that her lawyers are currently working on a challenge plea.

“My advocate has to appear for the final argument, too, and the magistrate didn’t give me a chance. We will challenge this order in the higher court,” said Koena.

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