Arzoo Govitrikar’s husband Siddharth Sabharwal approaches HC after getting banned from entering his house

In March this year, Baghban actress Arzoo Govitrikar, has reportedly filed a case of domestic violence against her businessman husband Siddharth Sabharwal.

Siddharth Sabharwal approaches HC

In her complaint, the actress alleged that her husband hit her under the influence of alcohol and she has also submitted CCTV footage of the said assault, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Later, Siddharth Sabharwal was banned from entering their house in Worli by the order of a Metropolitan Court till further notice.

Siddharth Sabharwal approaches HC

And now, according to latest reports, Siddharth Sabharwal has approached the High Court seeking to quash a Metropolitan Magistrate court’s order restraining him from entering their house, reports Mumbai Mirror. 

A latest report in Mirror states, “Sabharwal has now approached the High Court against the order, claims that he has nowhere to go as all his residential properties have been given on lease and, therefore, he should be allowed to return home.” “Since May 29, 2019 the petitioner has had to stay either at his sister’s residence or with his friends despite the fact that he owns the said matrimonial home…” the petition filed through advocate Karan Kadam, reads.

“Sabharwal, a businessman, further claims that he was deliberately informed about the magistrate’s order nearly a week after it was passed on May 8, when he was leaving for Germany on a work trip, which means that his wife continued to live with him even after the court order, his petition says. He also claims that he is ready to pay rent for an alternate accommodation for Govitrikar, but wants to reside in his house. He says that email exchanges between him and his wife regarding a trip to Switzerland will show that there wasn’t any domestic violence and that Govitrikar had only “created a situation wherein she not only unilaterally enjoys the said matrimonial home, but also where the petitioner is coerced into funding a luxurious lifestyle which she did not previously enjoy”,” reports Mirror.

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Baghban actress Arzoo Govitrikar accuses husband of domestic violence

Countering Govitrikar’s contention that he is an alcoholic and she would not want their son to be around any person who is in a drunken state, Sabharwal claims that she allowed their son to travel to Gir with him.

On Monday, Govitrikar appeared in court, and sought time to appoint her lawyer in the case.

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