Manish Naggdev on ex-girlfriend Srishty Rode dating Vijal, says, ‘Not interested in her life anymore’

Bigg Boss 12 fame Srishty Rode has been making the headlines these days for all the wrong reasons. 

Manish Naggdev on ex-girlfriend Srishty Rode dating Vijal

Recently, there were news doing the rounds that, after breaking up with Manish Naggdev and Rohit Suchanti, now Srishty Rode has found love in entrepreneur Vijal and she is planning to tie the knot.

Now, when Spotboye contacted Manish Naggdev for his comment, but it appears that he is not interested in his ex-fiancee’s life anymore.

“I am not interested in her life anymore. I am happy if she is happy,” he told the website.

In a detailed statement on social media, Manish had poured out his heart and lashed out at Srishty for breaking up over phone and manipulating and using him for professional gains.

Manish Naggdev on ex-girlfriend Srishty Rode dating Vijal

“She hadn’t given me a proper closure after a 4-year relationship in which I involved her in every aspect of my life, family and my personal career. She had broken up with me over a phone call and when I had asked her if we could talk about it face to face, she replied saying, “I am at the peak of my career. I don’t wish to be in this relationship anymore and as it is I am detached, what is left to talk about?” That was a sudden shock to me. How could my fiancee break the relationship which was heading towards marriage, over a single phone call? After that there was a complete silence from her side forever. Don’t you think the least I deserved was a proper closure?”

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Manish Naggdev opens up on his ugly breakup with fiancee Srishty Rode, says she used him for professional gains

Manish accused Srishty of using him for professional gains. “I was the one who was manipulated and used for professional gains. My feelings were played with, my skills, personal efforts, hard work, network and connections were used to maximum for her own success,” he wrote.

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