Paradigm Records presents ‘Magic & Pasta’ by Jay Rana & Skopos for the musical souls

Paradigm Records headed by ‘Apram Lamba’ releases their English EP ‘Magic & Pasta’ by Jay Rana and Skopos creates a trademark of musical originality. Consists of four tracks, the Producers have experimented with lo-fi and jazz music, culminating into an EP that is groovy, light, and melodious. It sets the mood for all occasions. Delhiites Music Composers and Mix-Master Engineers Jay Rana and Skopos with Apram Lamba (Paradigm Records) brings rhythmic melody as a gift to create happiness among listeners, whether alone, with friends, family, or dancing the night away with their sweethearts. The EP bounds to bring a smile on your face and joy in your heart.


The album has a song for all your moods and affairs.
The EP ‘Magic & Pasta’ consists of 4 songs

1. Wake Up (Audio)
The first track of the EP ‘Wake Up’ is an upbeat mood lifter, a melody that sets the tone for the day. A song, brewed to perfection to start your day with.
2. Summer Evening ft. Akanksha Sethi (Audio)
The second song ‘Summer Evening’ challenges the listeners to reflect on things that slip away from us. An ode to the stubbornness of hope, set off by a combination of guitar and drums.
3. Taste-Me ft. Mayank Mittal (Audio + Music Video)
The third music video ‘Taste Me’ is perfect for the young and the beautiful dancing bodies, trapped in a chase which drives them towards each other over and over again, an inability to resist the picturesque.
4. Crossfire ft. Vinod Arora (Audio)
The last track ‘Crossfire’ is a clash of sounds between the producers with beats as their weapons. With liberal use of guitar, piano, choir, and saxophone, this track offers its listeners a view into the minds of the producers Jay Rana & Skopos as they display their creative outlets, with something for everyone.


About The Label (Paradigm Records)

Paradigm Records is a subdivision of Paradigm India by the founder Apramjeet Singh Lamba with the vision to promote music and musicians without taking away the copyrights to their very art.

Paradigm Records is a platform that is dedicated to building the culture and category of non-film music in India. It is the go-to destination for fans of non-film music who are seeking original content, meaningful music, and clutter-breaking slick videos.


About the Artist

Jay Rana


Jay Rana is a music producer hailing from New Delhi, India. Having grown up appreciating music as the art form it is, Jay began actively producing music in 2014, where he discovered the depth of EDM. He sought to go beyond its popular stereotype and explore the roots of the genre. To reach this, he formed the duo Jay Rana & Sammy Malik, through which he began building his journey of music production.

However, despite the new avenues and achievements that the duo experienced, Jay yearned to define his individual expression of music. Thus in 2020, he signed with Paradigm Records as a solo artist. His aim is to create music carrying a calm and relaxing vibe, something people can listen to throughout the day. He believes Music is meant to be a mood booster rather than an interference. His new approach is to create music that connects to the listener and their emotions. Music has no language but is rather an emotion in itself, and Jay seeks to immolate this in his ventures.




When passion meets profession, a master act is born. Music and rhythm seeped deep into the soul of a young Delhi boy from an adolescent age – Skopos was born. The journey since then has been of rigorous training and honing of skills. Along the path, the art of music production has been continuously mastered upon and Skopos started composing his own music with the sole purpose of collaborating with versatile artists to create stirring and eloquent pieces of deft art.

Since 2017, Skopos has been collaborating with fellow composers and singers to create soothing melodies and numbers that connect to one’s soul. Be it the calm of the dawn or the vibrancy of a happening evening, Skopos has been able to capture the versatile moods in his music. He aims to mesmerize his audience by panning various genres of music.


The Italian Film Director Federico Fellini once said “Life is a combination of Magic and Pasta”


Audio Credits:

EP Name: Magic & Pasta

Music Production: Jay Rana and Skopos

Mix & Master: Jay Rana and Skopos

Composer: Jay Rana and Skopos

Featuring Artists: Akanksha Sethi, Mayank Mittal and Vinod Arora


Taste Me | Official Music Video | Paradigm Records

Magic and Pasta | Spotify

Magic and Pasta | Apple Music

Magic and Pasta | Amazon Music

Magic and Pasta | Jiosaavan–pasta/EML8HQr0bHk_

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