Ansuman Bhagat wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the letter that – to win the Corona epidemic, it is important for everyone to be positive.

Ansuman Bhagat, the young writer of Jamshedpur, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving some suggestions about Corona. Ansuman has written that the way you were confident in the last time. This time, this thing is more needed.

By letter, Ansuman Bhagat told the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi Ji that many such decisions were taken under your rule, which increased the morale of every person of the country. In the Corona period, people of every section had to face financial and health. The lower poor sections, in particular, had to face a lot of difficulties. People were migrating. Due to the lack of work, the economic condition of the people was stagnant because it earns a section, but the government took many decisions that helped those sections whether it is to get safe migration or to get the ration money directly to the account. In the Corona period of 2020, it was seen that everyone had come together to fight this epidemic, and the spirit of the people all increased together. Opposition parties also played their part in this. Perhaps this is why we had overcome the corona to a great extent. But the situation is getting worse from bad to worse at the moment. The corona has become much more deadly than before and it is growing rapidly. Every day millions of people are getting infected and thousands of people are losing their lives. In such a situation, how people are safe and how to provide every important thing related to health to every common person, it is very important. Also, there should be more tests of corona than before and the vaccine should be passed on to people of every category So that every poor can fight this epidemic. According to earlier people need to be more aware that people leave home wearing masks and leave home only when necessary work is done. In this critical condition, it is to think about how people can remain positive. People should not be afraid, because it is seen that people are getting more frustrated. In such a situation, the citizens of the country should be encouraged. People can protect themselves if necessary instructions are followed, but today people only and only in the hope that the Prime Minister of the country should take some better decisions for us so that they get rid of this epidemic.

Ansuman also said that along with the power, it is necessary to negotiate with the intelligence for the safety of the people and make some new decisions. So that more and more people can be saved. It is possible that more problems will be faced in the future, but at this time along with oxygen, vaccines, medicines, etc., it is necessary to increase the morale of the people. You have to once again convince people that you stand with them to get rid of this epidemic. In particular, the victims will also get mental help to fight the corona and the courage of other people will increase further. We can control this epidemic once again. For which it is important for everyone to be positive.

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