Rajasthan’s renowned ‘Hariprem Films’ headed by ‘Nitin Samadhiya’ presents a plethora of royal symphony to India.

Rajasthan’s renowned ‘Hariprem Films’ headed by ‘Nitin Samadhiya’ presents a plethora of royal symphony to India.

‘Hariprem Films’ presents Rajasthani folk music video ‘Vidaai’ by Swaroop Khan.
It’s all about daughters first love – Father! Hariprem Films presents a Rajasthani folk song ‘Vidaai’, it embarks on a fascinating journey of story-telling that focuses on the special bond shared by fathers and daughters. Having charmed audiences across India with their previous tracks, especially those featuring the vocals of music industry heavyweights, they now intend to push the bar further with the alluring vocal textures of popular Rajasthani playback singer, Swaroop Khan, known for his work in films like Aamir Khan’s PK and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat. Interestingly, apart from singing, Swaroop Khan has also written and produced the track.

“This song is close to me and can be considered as part of me. As every girl child is the heart and soul of parents, Vidaai is a part of my heart and soul now. I’ve written, sung and composed this song by pouring my heart and soul at every stage of the song. I’ve seen quite a lot of Vidaai rituals in Rajasthan like everyone else, I’ve noticed girls feel sad at the time of their marriage. They feel that they’re not a part of their own family; however, that is not true. I’ve tried to send a message through the song that girl is an integral part of the family and they’re treated with the same level and respect as boys. It’s a strong message that I’ve tried to convey through the song. I’m thankful to Hariprem films as during pandemic, it’s hard to work during this period. Mr Nitin Samadhiya and his team are great, they followed all the protocols and guidelines of COVID-19 during the shoot. We had a lot of fun shooting and at the same time, we were emotional as well because of the nature of the song. The team loved ‘Vidaai’ song very much. I appreciate everything that has been done at Hariprem films and I’m looking forward to work with the team in future for many songs.” says Singer Swaroop Khan.

Vidaai features the use of indigenous Rajasthani instruments with the sole purpose of creating an enchanting atmosphere around listeners. In fact, these historic instruments are the perfect vehicle to feel the intensity of the song’s message and celebrate the love-filled relationship between father and daughter.

“Since last year, we wanted to work with Swaroop Khan because of his voice and folk genre. We discussed this with him and decided to make a song that will connect with the audience soul. Swaroop came up with this lovely song ‘Vidaai’ which describes the raw emotions between fathers and daughters. We planned the shoot with all safety precautions and safety measures. We wanted Swaroop Khan in the video so we adjusted the storyline accordingly. As a person, Swaroop is such an amazing, humble, and down to earth person. Working with him was a great experience and hence we would love to work with him again in future.”, says Mr Nitin Samadhiya (MD CEO of Hariprem Films)

The music video features heart-touching performances by a stellar cast that includes Aaradhya Rao (Winner of Eva Miss India), Kunal Acharya (Udaipur’s model and lifestyle/fashion blogger) and Anil Bhagwat (Viceroy’s House web series fame). With top-notch production values and the directorial prowess of Hariprem’s CEO, Nitin Samadhiya (nominee at the Zee Sagarika Music Awards), Vidaai boasts an outstanding team of professionals consisting of co-director Ankit Chatterjee, concept by Vishal Nahar, cinematography by Ankit Chauhan and edited by Aman Singh. Supporting production credits include Mahendra Samadhiya, Rani Samadhiya, Prasun Kansara and Aastha Bhatt.

Nitin Samadhiya, the MD and CEO of ‘Hariprem Films’ is blessed to encourage artistic music. In twelve short years, his passion for film arts and crafts has paid off well. Samadhiya has been nominated for Best Sound Engineer at the ZEE Sagarika Music Awards for the album ‘Kanherichi Phule’. Incidentally, Samdhiya’s sound engineering skills have also landed him in the Limca Book of Records.
Since its inception in 2008, Hariprem Films has expanded its portfolio to include prestigious projects for the Shiv Sena and the Government of Rajasthan. It has worked with over 200 of the top conglomerates from India and the world over while handling commercial advertising and marketing accounts of respected Rajasthani brands. Most recently, their 2021 release ‘Badhta Ja’ with Shankar Mahadevan, a motivational song composed by Kiran Kumar Bhatt and arranged and recorded by Tejas Chavan and Samadhiya himself, opened to rave reviews by audiences. In fact, Hariprem’s YouTube channel boasts a whopping 17 million audience views!

Website: https://www.haripremfilms.com/
Channel: https://youtu.be/qGXY6JIEWEA

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