Rangoli Chandel challenges Bollywood, says Kangana will leave acting if an actress manages to solely carry a 60-100 cr budgeted film

Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel is quite an outspoken person. She is quite vocal about certain issues and directly takes it to her Twitter account to write on the same.

Rangoli Chandel challenges Bollywood

In her latest tweets, she challenges the film industry and all the female actors to solely carry a 60-100 crore budget film. The tweets came soon after Baaghi 3 director Ahmed Khan questioned the success of Manikarnika.

Rangoli Chandel challenges Bollywood

In the tweet, she wrote, “Cheap Bollytards first they said Kangana finished after Rangoon then said Manikarnika will never be made or released that became a big hit then they said Thalaivi shelved now the last schedule left now same with Dhakaad and I am sure some nasty rumours will follow Tejas ..” (sic)

In another tweet, she wrote, “Kya matlab lallu kahin ke Kangana making films after films launched her studio also, if right now she signs all she gets offered she will be booked for next ten years … she is generating so much work meanwhile Bollytards generating gossip and rumours.”

She then challenges female actors to solely carry a film of above 60 crore budget and if anyone gets successful then Kangana will stop acting. She tweeted, “My open challenge to the industry can any girl in today’s time solo carry a film above 60-70-80-100cr budget other than Kangana….??? If you give me a legit name Kangana will stop acting forever.” (sic)

Soon after, Rangoli added how Ahmed Khan called up Kangana and apologised and told that his interview was taken out of context. Her tweet read, “Kangana just called she told me Ahmad Khan called her and apologised and said he didn’t anything everything was made up….. bolo…so clearly chillars ki phat bhi jati hai easily…himmat nahin hai to stand by what you say aab aison ko kya kahein jo aake rone lage.”

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Meanwhile, Rangoli is busy promoting her sister’s upcoming film Thalaivi which is a biopic on Jayalalitha.

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