Rekha refuses to get tested for COVID-19, BMC officials not allowed to enter her bungalow

Veteran actress Rekha’s bungalow Sea Springs in Bandra was sealed and declared a containment zone by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) after her security guard was tested positive for coronavirus.

Rekha refuses to get tested for COVID-19

BMC conducted tests of all the other staff members employed at her bungalow. All staff members of her have been tested for Covid-19.

Recently, Rekha and her manager Farzana along with three servants of the house and a security guard were supposed to undergo coronavirus tests. The BMC team reached Rekha’s residence for the same. However, no one opened the door. After a while, the manager spoke from behind the door and enquired as to what the matter was. When BMC team told her that they had come to take their tests, Farzana said, “Take the number, call me, and then we shall talk.”  Ultimately, the BMC team had to return.

Rekha refuses to get tested for COVID-19

When the Chief Medical Officer of BMC H West ward Sanjay Phude called up the manager, she said that Rekha was doing fine and doesn’t want to get tested as she had not come in contact with anyone, the report said.

Furthermore, the BMC officials said that Rekha does not come out often nor meet anyone and, its perfectly fine to take precautions. However, it is absolutely necessary for them to get tested for Covid-19 because it comes under the law and, it is mandatory for anyone who has come in close contact with the infected person, to get themselves tested for the virus.

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After this, the BMC sent a sanitization team to Rekha’s house. They also tried their best to get inside her home as they wanted to sanitize Rekha’s home from the inside as well. However, this time around too, no one answered the door. As a result of which, the team sanitized the house from outside and also its surrounding areas including the security guard’s cabin.

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