Tamil director Raj Kapoor’s son Sharook Kapoor passes away

Tamil filmmaker Raj Kapoor, who is know for directing various films like ‘Aval Varuvala’ and ‘Anandha Poongatre’ with Ajith, has lost his 23-year-old son Sharook Kapoor.

Sharook Kapoor passes away

Reportedly, Sharook was on a religious trip to Mecca. He was accompanied by his mother Sajeela Kapoor. The reason of his sudden death was severe cold and weakness.

Sharook Kapoor passes away

According to TOI, “Sharook suffered from shortness of breath and began shivering. His mother thought it was due to the weather, however, the youngster passed away before anyone could do anything.”

Meanwhile, Raj Kapoor is trying to bring Sharook Kapoor’s body back to Chennai to perform the last rites, but he is facing issues owing to the international regulations in Mecca.

Our condolences to the family!

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