Sona Mohaptra lashes out at NCW for closing case against Anu Malik

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has recently closed the sexual harassment case against music composer Anu Malik.

Sona Mohaptra lashes out at NCW

The report claims that the National Commission for Women (NWC) has closed the case “due to lack of communication/substantial evidence sought from the complainant”.

Reacting to this, singer Sona Mohapatra took to social media to slam the National Commission Of Women for their decision.

Sona Mohaptra lashes out at NCW

She wrote, “Please note India, this is untrue. I have painstakingly collated all the multiple testimonies of several women & mailed the same to NCW. Requested to talk to the chairperson. Only received terse & unkind one liners in return from them. Zero concern & no real interest in women.”

Now, the singer stated that she did send testimonies of the victims and provided every detail she was asked about. She even accused NCW of being cryptic.

Sona took to her Twitter handle and presenting her side of the story said, “I just finished an event in Paris where I was representing India at an ISRO satellite launch by a European agency & came out elated with the response to my views and singing only to hear and read this heartbreaking news on social media. That statement of the NCW chairperson is wrong. I collated multiple testimonies painstakingly & mailed it to them within a few days of them asking for it. Got a one-line reply “Kindly send further submission (if any) regarding the complaint.” to my ten pages. No dear no regards, just the above.”

“I requested to speak to Ms Rekha Sharma to discuss it. Received one-liner, cryptic responses on mail to all. They made no effort to engage or connect with either me or Neha Bhasin or Shweta Pandit amongst several testimonies that were in the public domain. I believe in due process and systems and did exactly what I was asked to do. They could have shown some interest to write back or talk about the matter and actually meet us. They didn’t. What more documents can you provide in cases of sexual harassment and assault? Can we record or shoot it while it happens? Is that even possible?” she added.

She also slammed Sony TV for using this for their own benefits. “Sony TV was a partner in crime by riding on this for publicity for their show as a marketing theme. India will not forgive them or Anu Malik and his supporters this easily,” she wrote.

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Last year, singer Sona Mohapatra along with singers like Shweta Pandit had levelled allegations of sexual harassment against the composer. Following all this, Malik stepped down from the jury panel of the 10th season of the famous reality television show, Indian Idol.

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