BB 13: Umar Riaz slams Sonal Vengurlekar for revealing about Asim Riaz’s relationship with Shruti Tuli

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz’s romance with ex-housemate Himanshi Khurana has been making headlines for quite some time now.

Umar Riaz slams Sonal Vengurlekar

Recently, during connections week, Himanshi’s entry came as big surprise for Asim Riaz ans he showered her with kisses and even went down on his knees to propose marriage to her.

But recently, Umar’s close friend and TV actress Sonal Vengurlekar has revealed that Asim had previously dated Shruti Tuli and was in a live-in relationship with her.

Umar Riaz slams Sonal Vengurlekar

Well now, denying the claims, Umar Riaz said in an interview that Sonal is desperate for fame and wants to hog the limelight. He also added that Sonal Vengrulekar met Asim and Shruti at a party. He further said that Sonal doesn’t even know anything about Asim and Shruti.

Umar told, “She is no one to talk about Asim’s Personal life. Asim and Shruti doesnt even know her. I made them meet in Asim birthday at his place. She told us that her career is not going good and she wants to revive her career by going to Big Boss. Asim was in talking terms with endemol so we didn’t tell her coz i never trusted that girl”

“Now that Asim is in Bigg Boss and is doing so well and is regarded as one of probable finalists this season, the girl is doing all this out of jealousy and to hog the limelight,” Umar added.

Umar also said that now because the finale nearing, everyone is trying to target Asim. Talking about Sonal, he revealed that many sources said that she is friends with Vikas Gupta, and he made her tweet all this rubbish. It is all to get Asim down and spoil his reputation.

On the other hand, Sonal recently took to her Twitter handle to share her chats with Umar, wherein the two are seen exchanging some ugly words on text. Here, apparently Umar is seen calling her a chapri Tik Tok star.

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BB13: Umar Riaz’s close friend Sonal Vengurlekar reveals Asim was in a live-in relationship with Shruti Tuli

Sonal Vengurlekar, while revealing Asim Riaz and Shruti Tuli’s secret had told, “When I was friends with Umar, he had taken me to meet Asim and Shruti was introduced to me as Asim’s girlfriend. In fact, he has been staying with Shruti since 1.5 years. They are in a live-in relationship. But Umar also pointed out to be ki inka jamm nahi raha and that Asim wants to breakup with Shruti.”

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