Where Can I Apply Popular Crypto Trading Styles and Convert ETH to EUR?

The market of digital assets is expanding, meeting more and more promising crypto projects and theirassets. Crypto is different from fiat currencies. Firstly, crypto does not have any physical form, and secondly, crypto assets are not under the control of central banks or governments. That means the government decision cannot additionally issue crypto as it does with fiat money.
Being independent of a central bank, crypto lives by the market’s laws of demand and supply. Other factors such as market trends, investor sentiment, global economy, competition in the market, and news background affect the crypto rates primarily. Analyzing those factors and also external factors such as the world’s crisis, the level of inflation, etc., crypto investors pick a strategy that suits them the best. In this article, we will talk about the most popular trading strategies and one of the most traded crypto assets in the market – Ethereum.

Ethereum – What is It?

Ethereum is the second crypto in the ranking of all existing crypto assets (which amount to hundreds
already) with a price of $1,252 and a market capitalization reaching over $153 billion. ETH is listed on all
large crypto platforms. If you want to convert ​​ETH EUR, use only centralized crypto exchanges. The
conversion of ETH to EUR is required when a trader wants to withdraw his crypto savings and move
funds to his bank card. Transactions with fiat-crypto assets are possible only for those users that pass the
KYC verification, for it is impossible to attach a bank card to an unverified profile. That is the reason why
crypto-fiat trading is available only on officially operating crypto exchanges.
Examples are Binance, WhiteBIT, Coinbase, etc. On these exchanges, you can buy Ethereum with fiat
money. Ethereum can be staked and traded. Let’s talk about the most popular trading styles.

Trading Styles that Every Trader Should Know

Here are the list of the most common trading techniques:

  •  Scalping
  • Arbitrage
  • Intraday trading
  • Range trading
  • Position trading.

You may learn more about these trading styles on the WhiteBIT blog. It is a resource with valuable guides
and articles that will help you comprehend all the trading strategies. At the same time, you can practice
these techniques on the WhiteBIT demo account, using demo tokens specially issued by the platform for
you to practice and gain experience. Buy crypto on only credible and trusted exchanges like WhiteBIT.

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