who has been the youngest chief minister of Maharashtra so far

who has been the youngest chief minister of Maharashtra so far

A. Sharad Pawar

the Portuguese ship which was captured in 1961 during operation vijay was named after which general and duke of goa?

A. Afonso de Albuquerque

Vasco da Gama

Q. Which place in Punjab has a science City open to all, set up in an area of 72 acres?

A. Jalandhar

Q. Which saint poet’s statue is this, located near the Vivekanand Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari? (Picture displays on the LCD screen)

A. Thiruvalluvar

Akash flips the question and chooses category business, space & economy. He is the first contestant in this season to choose this category.

Q. Who is the founder of the private aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company SpaceX?

A. Elon Mask

Q. Who is the first person to be appointed a minister of India’s newly constituted ministry of Jal Shakti?

A. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Q. Which of these countries’ currency is different from the other three?

A. Switzerland

Akash Garg from Uttar Pradesh joins Bachchan on the hot-seat. He is a student of electronics in Punjab Engineering Institute. He is accompanied by his cousin, mother, and friend. Amitabh Bachchan reveals how he didn’t get admission in any institute in Punjab during his younger days. Bachchan presents Diwali gifts to Akash.

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