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Boney Kapoor reacts on Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh’s claims on Sridevi’s demise

Yesterday, Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh claims that Sridevi’s death was not an accident but, it was a murder. The report became the talk of the town and many media houses wrote about the same.

Boney Kapoor reacts on Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh’s claims

Now, a web portal got in touch with Boney Kapoor and asked his views on the claims made by DGP Rishiraj Singh.

To this, Boney said, “I don’t want to react to such stupid stories. There is no need to react because such stupid stories keep coming. Basically, this is somebody’s fragment of imagination.”

Boney Kapoor reacts on Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh’s claims

In his column, DGP Rishiraj claimed that his late friend, forensic surgeon Dr Umadathan claimed that the death might have been a murder and pointed out several circumstantial pieces of evidence to prove that “the actress’ death was not accidental.”

“Dr Umadathan has played a crucial role in solving several cases. It was due to my curiosity that I asked Umadathan about the death of Sridevi. Umadathan told me that the chances of an accident are pretty low in this case, and he made it clear that Sridevi’s death could be a murder. Even though a person has drunk heavily, he or she will not drown in just one-feet water. Without any external force, no one will die in a bathtub due to drowning,” he wrote.

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Actress Sridevi’s death was not an accident but a murder, claims Jail DGP Rishiraj Singh

Sridevi died on January 24, 2018 in Dubai due to accidental drowning in bathtub. She was 54. The actress was in Dubai to attend her nephew’s Mohit Marwah’s wedding. The actress untimely death has shocked millions of her fans.

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