Chahatt Khanna’s husband Farhan reveals she is dating Ribbhu Mehra, wants out of court settlement

TV actress Chahatt Khanna who is living separately from her husband Farhan Mirza from some time is currently breaking the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Chahatt Khanna’s husband Farhan reveals she is dating Ribbhu

Earlier, while talking about her marriage in the media, Chahatt had accused Farhan of causing mental, financial and sexual abuse.

Recently, Farhan made some shocking allegations on the actress in a conversation with SpotboyE. He tells that Chahatt is currently dating TV actor Ribbhu Mehra and wants out of court settlement.

Chahatt Khanna’s husband Farhan reveals she is dating Ribbhu

While talking to Spotboye, Farhan said, “Chahatt now wants to settle the legal matter and she is ready to take off all the charges levied against me. You know the reason? It’s Ribbhu Mehra, whom she is dating. In the court proceedings too, Chahatt and her lawyer had raised the topic of opting for an out-of-court settlement. In spite of being legally married to me, she continues doing this, it’s just not right.”

We asked him as to how did he discover about his wife’s love affair with Ribbhu Mehra, to which he replied, “See, I know the girl Amrin through whom they (Chahatt and Ribbhu) met. Plus, recently when Chahatt called me to settle the matter out of court, I asked her if this is because she is dating Ribbhu and she accepted it right there.”

However, Ribbhu denied this and said that the two were just friends.

Well now, Chahatt Khanna has reacted to the same and called her ex-husband a ‘psychopath’. She said, “it’s not the first time my ex-husband Farhan has put me down in media, he is just in cashing on my name, he had asked an out of the court settlement stating that he is broke and he cannot afford his lawyer fees anymore.”

Adding more, she said, “About me and Ribbhu, yes we are very good friends, that’s all about it. It’s his habit to doubt me with everybody, earlier I was to be scared but this time I told him yes you are right and admitted to whatever he asked because I wanted to end the conversation and he recorded my call and sent it to Spotboye, they rather than conforming added fuel to the fire and printed, that’s it.”

Chahatt added, “in fact, he has also threatened me up in one of his messages saying that if I ever get married in future he kill us both, he is not fulfilling any duty of a father but talks about custody. He behaves like a psychopath, my personal life is quite out in media now I only want to be known for my work or not been known at all. Thank my lucky stars that moved out out my marriage.”

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Chahatt tied the knot with businessman Farhan Mirza, on February 8, 2013. The couple has two baby daughters Zohar and Amaira.

This is the second marriage of Chahatt. Before Farhan, she was earlier married to Bharat Narsinghani in December 2006, but got divorced after several months due to physical abuse.

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