Mission Mangal director Jagan Shakti credits Akshay Kumar for ‘bringing him back to walkable situation’

Filmmaker Jagan Shakti who made his Hindi directoral debut with Mission Mangal has recently hospitalized in January, after he was diagnosed a condition called arteriovenous malformation (a clot in the brain).

Jagan Shakti credits Akshay Kumar

Now, after spending two weeks in a Mumbai hospital, he is now back on his feet and raring to go.

When asked about his health, Jagan said, “I’m good. Just coming back to the grind, and back to business. I’ll come back and show more good cinema.”

He added, “Akshay sir is the one who brought me back… in giving me a life, giving me a film, and now he has brought me back to a walkable situation.”

Jagan Shakti credits Akshay Kumar

The condition, he explains, happened because the arteries and veins were joined together in his brain, forming a clot. “Every year in the winter, I used to get headaches which would remain for around one week or 10 days, and then go away… Now everything is fine,” Jagan adds.

He shares that he was already working on a new project, and was shuttling between Chennai, Mumbai, and Bengaluru trying to get the script ready, when his medical condition put a pause on it. And now, he assures “it’s going to be doubly beautiful”.

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“I am relaxing, but writing. That is the better way of doing things,” quips Jagan.

Jagan was on his way to an airport when he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, after which he was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation.

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